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3 Brazilian Sugar Momma Needs a Long Hit from a Sugar Boy

A Brazilian Sugar Momma Of Two Kids Needs a Long Hit from a Sugar Boy -Brazilian women are hot and ready to ride anytime. They are endowed with nice curves always ready for a hit from any available sugar boy. They love men looking macho and filled with strength and always ready to ride for long till she screams stop. This Brazilian sugar momma is a mother of two kids. She is rich and single. She got her kids out of wed lock and doesn’t regret any of that because she loves the kids so much. She claims she needs a sugar boy who will available for her on her vacation to Dubai from brazil. She is going on a shopping spree soon and will be needing a sugar boy to hang out with.

General description

My name is prisca from Brazil. I am a mother of two kids. I am not married and both were gotten out of wedlock but I am not ashamed of that because I love my kids so much. I own a glass production company here in brazil and also a fashion store which I run personally. I will be going for a shopping spree soon at dubai and I will be needing a sugar boy to be with me and keep me company. He must be a lively type of person and also fun to be with. We will be spending few months in brazil before heading to dubai.

Personal description

I am a good looking woman with lots of money and good taste. I have a high taste for quality and really love fashion a lot. My best color is blue and a touch of red. I love drinking wine and spend little time watching movies. I am so much devoted to my business and kids as well.


I need a sugar boy who is energetic and active. He must be fun to be with and also have a good sense of humor. He should be tall and good looking with a macho like structure. Lastly he should know how to ride on a woman properly and not been a weakling.

Two More Brazilian Sugar Momma Searching For Sugar Boys

We have two more additional Brazilian sugar mommas in search of sugar boys to for a long hit. Check them below


Alice Valentina

brazil sugar momma

This Brazilian sugar momma is a pretty woman which is presently 43 years old. She is rich and she is the type of woman that loves to ensure that everyone around her is happy. She is the kind every young boy will like to have because she is caring and satisfying like a mother.

This sugar momma is looking for a young sugar boy within the ages of 25-35. Young and strong and also knows how to care for an elderly woman. She claims her sugar boy must be smart, handsome and masculine in physique. And also, her sugar boy must be willing to stay with her in Brazil. If you are from a long distance, you can simply move down to her apartment in Brazil. She will be taking good care of you. If you are interested in her, kindly leave a comment about her and why you need her. Also make sure you indicate her name in the comment section.


Laura Nicole

brazil sugar momma

Laura is a beautiful and intelligent woman in Brazil. She is a business woman. A woman that shows lots of concern towards her business, her family and loved ones. This sugar mummy had to leave her ex sugar boy because of his surprising and recent nonchalant attitude towards her. She claims her ex sugar boy was a handsome and caring man but recently started showing a nonchalant attitude towards her, which she didn’t like.

Now she is interested in having a new young man as a sugar boy. This time, her sugar boy must indicate high interest in having her as a sugar momma and she will be paying him approximately $6000 monthly for his upkeep in brazil.

This sugar momma will regularly check on this post to select who she wants.

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