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A Sugar Mummy Named Anita is Ready for Online single Mom Dating

A Sugar Mummy Named Anita is ready for online single Mom Dating – A beautiful and well known sugar mummy who happens to be a single mom is interested in having a sugar boy’s contact. She is a beautiful and energetic woman and also interested in an energetic sugar boy like you to make her own. Spotting a choice of hers have been tedious for her but she is working hard to make sure she starts a new relationship really fast.  This beautiful sugar mummy has been a victim of domestic violence from men previously and she is not willing to experience such from any man again. She needs a man who will never break her heart and who will treat her like a queen.

General information about me:

I am the definition of a nice and wonderful woman lol!  Please don’t mind the exaggeration but I know I am a nice person. I try to be nice to people as much as I can and I am always in a happy mood. I am born into a family of three and I happen to be the eldest. My mum and dad are living somewhere else in Europe why I stay alone here in Canada. I am starting up a small business soon in Canada and I will be needing a helping hand. I understand that there is always a man for every woman and there are lots of good men out there willing to be with me but I am yet to find one. That’s why I contacted sugar mum connect to help me with a lover. I have no kid of my own and have never been pregnant for any man in my life.

Personal description about me:

I am a tall and fair looking woman with lots of hips source. As I said earlier, I am always in a good mood and willing to help people. I do not drink wine nor do I smoke. I just love taking soft drinks and when there is no soft drink, I will preferably go with water.

My kind of man that Interest me:

I am looking for a diligent and intelligent man. Who Is hard working and will be a plus to my life. I recall saying I am starting a small business soon in Canada. Such man should be of a great impact to my business too. Nevertheless, he should be caring loving and have a good listening skills. Lastly he must be single.



Interested persons are expected to go by our procedure and set aside rules for you to be eligible for a sugar mummy here. You are expected to never contact anyone as a sugar mummy agent acting as an intermediate between you and your sugar mummy. Sugar mummy connections are free and a sugar mummy will be yours if she likes you. You don’t need to pay anyone

Please ensure you always:

  1. Leave a comment on each post if you are interested in the sugar mummy
  2. Drop your information clearly for ease of understanding and always leave a means of contact behind.
  3. Make sure you leave your social media handles such as Facebook, instagram and whatsapp phone numbers details so she/he can view your display picture and possibly contact you.
  4. Get registered on our platform.

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