5 Bad Foods To Eat as A Prediabetes Patients

Bad Foods To Eat as A Prediabetes Patients

Prediabetes is a common medical condition in human which involves the blood sugar increasing chronically, but not so high to be classified as full blown diabetes. However, this condition comes with similar health risk which can led to full blown diabetes if not properly managed.

When you find out that you are prediabetic, you will need to work on your condition and also monitor your blood sugar level to ensure it doesn’t go above its current level. You also need to take regular dose of insulin when needed. At that point, your body will be exposed to greater risk of having heart related disease, kidney related and also pancreas related diseases.

The lifespan for a diabetic patient tends to be 10 or more years shorter than the average. It’s important you make changes to your lifestyle if you have been confirmed to have prediabetes.

In other to effectively combat prediabetics, it’s very important you start monitoring what you eat and also eat like you already have diabetes. This involves consuming foods low on sugar and high on other essential minerals.

The following is a list of 5 worst foods you should be eating if you are diagnosed of prediabetes:


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