Effect Of Using Coconut Oil Everyday For 3 Months On Your Body

Coconut oil is one of different common foods that gets a lot of attention from different people and has a lot of debates. While some health experts refer to it as a super food with an effective combination of fatty acids that support human well-being, others see coconut oil as a “poison.”

Based on research and statistics, it has been proven that the population of people that consume a lot of coconut tend to have low incidence of heart disease than those that don’t consume it. However it has also be proven that coconut oil contains over 70% of saturated fat which is more than that of red meat which has 50% fat. Please be aware that excess fat in one’s diet can lead to cardiovascular problem which includes heart diseases.

The health benefit coconut oil offers is as a result of the triglyceride compound present in it. Ones you fully understand the working process of this compound, you can easily determine if coconut oil is right for you or not.

The below list contains some of the good and bad benefits of consuming coconut oil everyday:


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  1. I love using coconut oil on my skin and i get lots of positive result to share

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