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How to Date Sugar Momma Living in Zimbabwe and Needs a Young Man

Sugar Momma Living in Zimbabwe and Needs a Young Man – A sweet sugar Momma living in money has declared her search for a young man she can spoil with money. This sugar momma is from a small state in Zimbabwe with lots of single men and women out there. The men have low interest in dating the women and this lead to their quest for love outside Zimbabwe and for younger boys ready to satisfy them why they in return sort the boys financially.

General information about me:

My name is mutumba, I was born in Zimbabwe into a family of five. I am a single mother with three kids already in college. My kids are from my ex and they all have different fathers. I am have been into series of messed up relationships but I am happy I wasn’t financially dependent on any. I have been left with this kids for over 10 years now and I am happy I was able to take good care of them and also come out of financial crisis. I am willing to go into a new relationship if I find a good man to make me happy ones more.

Personal description:

I am beautiful and a smart business lady. I don’t like been controlled or told to work under pressure of do what I see as been wrong. I am friendly and also a good public speaker. I am not a feminist but I believe women should be given the opportunity to impact positively into the society and government. I am always neat and I love neat environment. When I am less busy I spend time doing research to further my business properly. I love my kids and they love me too.


I am interest in a man with a good sense of humor.  A single man who understands what it takes to be with a woman and love her for who she is. A man who won’t look at my past when making judgments about me. I am not interested in a play boy or someone who won’t ever appreciate my best. He should be single and searching and also ready to be with me at all times.



Interested persons are expected to go by our procedure and set aside rules for you to be eligible for a sugar mummy here. You are expected to never contact anyone as a sugar mummy agent acting as an intermediate between you and your sugar mummy. Sugar mummy connections are free and a sugar mummy will be yours if she likes you. You don’t need to pay anyone

Please ensure you always:

  1. Leave a comment on each post if you are interested in the sugar mummy
  2. Drop your information clearly for ease of understanding and always leave a means of contact behind.
  3. Make sure you leave your social media handles such as Facebook, instagram and whatsapp phone numbers details so she/he can view your display picture and possibly contact you.
  4. Get registered on our platform.

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