iceland sugar daddy

Iceland Sugar Daddy Needs A Beautiful Sugar Girl For Dubai Vacation

A handsome Iceland Sugar Daddy is in need of a hot girl for his next vacation. This sugar daddy is rich and ready to spend on beautiful young women. He is going for a vacation soon to Dubai and he needs a young girl to move with. You will be meeting him in Iceland first 😉 before travelling down to Dubai.

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We also want to assure any sugar baby interested that this will be a wonderful experience and you won’t like to miss it. So if you get what it takes, and you are looking for a date in Iceland, then this is the right man for you. Shoot your shot now😁

iceland sugar daddy

Email Received from this Iceland Sugar Daddy

Hey my name is dan, I am presently in Iceland. I am in need of a hot and beautiful looking sugar baby for a date and vacation trip to Dubai next month.

I will be sponsoring all and will fully ensures she enjoys herself to the fullest. To me, money is never a problem. Provided she does what she is meant to do to make me feel good, I will ensure I spoil her with my money.

Personal Description

Well, I am 50 years old but I am very strong and active. I have a light skin, tall and clean. I love clean girls too. Also, I love to have good time with beautiful women, you know every man needs a beautiful woman around him at all times. So if you have anyone willing to satisfy and enjoy with me 😉, kindly let me know…


I am interested in having a good time with a young pretty sugar baby. Someone that understands the sugar baby game and she is willing to crush it with me😁….please ensure you examine any beautiful girl interested before sending her to me

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in him, kindly contact him using the comment section. leave behind an attractive message on the reason why you need him and also make sure, you add your contact details for easy communication.

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