michigan sugar mama

Sugar Boy Gets Paid $5000 Monthly From A Rich Michigan Sugar Mama

A Rich Michigan sugar mama will pay you $5000 to flirt with her. This sugar mama is extremely rich and needs a young man to hang out with her at all times.

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Getting a foreign sugar mama from United States is not an easy task. You have to understand yourself and present yourself the best way if you really want them to accept you. Now there are lots of working class single women looking for handsome guys to be with and you only have to approach them with the right words and attention for you to be attracted to them.

michigan sugar mama

Email From This Rich Michigan Sugar Mama

My name is lisa, I am 45 years and currently in Michigan. I was in the train today and over heard two ladies discussing about this community, so I inquired about it and quickly accepted this community will be of great importance to me.

Well, I am a single mother with a son. I am in search of a young man as my sugar boy. That is why I am contacting this community today.

Personal Description

I am a tall woman with a light beautiful skin 😍. I work at the bank in Michigan and also own a small school. I am a lover of formal life even tho I love to flirt. I know and understand what I want and I work hard to get what ever I want. During my leisure time, I go online on social networks or read books. Sometimes, I visit the cafe or cinema to have fun. I am just a simple person to deal with. I don’t love the expensive lifestyle, I just love to be comfortable and happy.


I am interested in a handsome sugar boy. I was paying my ex sugar boy $5000 monthly and I am willing to replicate same with my new sugar boy. Please if you have anyone seeking for a sweet and fun filled relationship with me, please let me know but mind you, he must be neat, handsome, loyal and caring.

note: If you are interested in a fun filled relationship with this sugar mummy, kindly contact her using the comment section and also, leave behind your contact details so that she can contact you.

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