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3 Rich Sugar Mummies Online wants to have A Feel of Being Young

We have lots of requests from sugar mummies residing in London searching deeply for love. This days having a life partner is becoming more difficult as we grow old. This sugar mummy from London aims at looking for love and affection in the right man.

This is the message we received from her

Hey! I am saddened as I write to you now. I need a sugar boy who will make me happy. I am from London and I am rich enough to take good care of us. I need a sugar boy from western part of the world and he should be a lively type of person. Please I don’t want a cheat in my life. I hate been cheated on and if caught I won’t take it easy on you!

I am a normal looking average lady. I work for a finance company and my job always takes much of time. Whenever I am free I feel so lonely because I don’t have anyone to talk or be with aside my co workers. I need a man who will have same love chemistry as I do.

I need a dependable man, well trained and lovely to be with. He should be a man I can easily rely on when I am in need of advice or when I am sad.

Trust me when I say I am a lovely woman to be with. I love to help people and I am generous.



Mirabel Ekon

sugar mummy online now

This sugar mummy is from South Africa but got married to a man from United States. Currently she is living in United States and haven’t been to south for over 9 years now. She is interested in having a sugar boy present in United States. Her sugar boy must be from outside United States and she will be housing you in one of her apartment in United States.

The kind of sugar boy she is interested in is someone that has experience and willing to do the job well. You will be housed in United States and she will be visiting you for Servicing when she is in need of it. You will have no business with her husband or family and you will be paid $25000 monthly.

If you are interested in this job kindly let us know using the comment section. We offer services based on first come first serve.


Patience Elon


This sugar Mummy is a rich business woman living with her only son in Dubai. She has no husband and her only son is one of the managers of her luxury stores in Dubai.

Currently she is in need of a sugar boy to make her feel like a woman. Someone who will be very close to her and will be willing to satisfy her at all times. She also insisted on taking good care of him and also paying him up to $10,000 monthly for his service.

No country is exempted here. So if you are interested in her, do make sure you are able to travel down to Dubai to meet with her..


Interested persons are expected to go by our procedure and set aside rules for you to be eligible for a sugar mummy here. You are expected to never contact anyone as a sugar mummy agent acting as an intermediate between you and your sugar mummy. Sugar mummies connections are free and a sugar mummy will be yours if she likes you. You don’t need to pay anyone for any connection

Please ensure you always:

  1. Leave a comment on each post if you are interested in the sugar mummy
  2. Do not contact anyone asking you for money as a sugar agent
  3. Sugar mummy and relationship dating is free and based on your luck
  4. Drop your information clearly for ease of understanding and always leave a means of contact behind.
  5. Make sure you leave your social media handles such as Facebook, instagram and whatsapp phone numbers details so she/he can view your display picture and possibly contact you.
  6. Get registered on our platform.

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