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3 Single Mother in Canada is Ready to Pay a Man $15,000 To Marry Them

A single mother living in Canada has shown her extreme interest in getting married to any handsome man. This single woman has been single for so long now and she isn’t taking it easy this time. She is also willing to spend her money to just to keep a man with her. This single mother is free from any health issues and she is also a mother of a kid. She claims she got the kid when she was younger and she loves the kid so much. This single woman is from Canada and she is a working class business woman dealing on expensive jewelries in Canada. She also owns other small stores in Canada that deals on cloths, provisions and home use products. Loving a new man has been difficult for her since she left her ex when she was younger but this time, she is ready to give love a new trial. If you are interested in meeting with a single mother living large in Canada then she is the right person for you. Here are more details we got from her

Hello my name is Anita. I am a single Canadian woman in search of a lover. I am just 45 years old and currently a mother of a kid. I got the kid when I was younger from my ex and I have been responsible for her upkeep till today. I love her so much and won’t want to lose her. I live in Manitoba and was referred to your website through my friend living here in Manitoba. She claims I will be able to find a lover here as she was able to do so from here. Please help me. I need a loving and caring man in my life. Someone who will be willing to make me feel like a woman, someone who will love me, be with me and always love to see me happy and also take good care of my kids. I am a business woman that deals on expensive jewelries and also owner of other stores selling provisions, fashion cloths and house use products.

Personal description of this single mother

I am a cool person with love for kids and humanity. I am a Christian and like to treat everyone equally. I love peace and always love to see people happy. I treat my staffs and everyone around me well. I don’t drink nor do smoke and I hate the smell of smoke or alcohol. I am a little bit weighty but I exercise a lot to keep myself fit and in shape.


I am interested in having a man who will be willing to love me. I don’t need any financial help from him. I will sort all his bills if he needs help. I am also willing to pay him $15,000 to travel down to Canada to be with me. Please he must be a caring type, loving, with feelings for humanity. He must be willing to take my kids as his and also see me as his wife.




canada sugar mum

This sugar mummy goes by the name Amelia. She is a 36 years old single mother leaving in Canada. She had her two kids out of wedlock and have never been married before.

Currently she is looking for the bright side of her relationship life now. She is interested in having a relationship with any single loving and caring man. She insisted her man must be matured enough and must be ready to travel down to Canada to meet with her. She has a home for you.


Anita Francis

canada ssugar babe

This sugar Mummy is based in Canada but she is from the United states of America. She is rich and well known in her locality. She recently had a divorce with her husband that owns a car marketing company and since then she has decided to move on with her own business.

She has been single for over 4 years now and she feels this is the right time to move on with life. This time she feels she needs a strong relationship bond with a young man. A man willing to see the positive side of her and won’t criticize her based on her past. If you are interested in dating a Canada sugar mummy, this is the right person for you. Kindly contact her using the comment section below


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