south african sugar momma

South African Sugar Momma Needs A Strong Man To Handle Her

A hot south African sugar momma is willing to spend millions of rands on a strong and honest man willing to be her sugar boy. This sugar momma is rich and she is from south Africa but currently resides in Florida united states. She is in need of a strong man who is muscular in shape with lots of energy to handle her.

There are lots of request from South African women in need of boyfriend’s and sugar boys, so we will be updating more South African women on this community. This South African woman is married but she loves to flirt with young guys. So if you are in for the job of a sugar boy then this is the right woman for you.

south african sugar momma

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We contacted her for her description, lifestyle and the kind of man she is interested in, here is the email we got from her.

Email received From South African Sugar Momma

Hello, my name is Elena Nkosi . I am 37 years old. I am from Gauteng south Africa. I am married with three kids. I am contacting you because I am in need of a sugar boy to spend money and free time with me. He will be on my payroll and I am willing to spend millions on him if he meets my criteria and specifications.

I don’t need a serious relationship, I just need a side boy to handle me when ever I am in need of him. He must be very active and available and must be single without distractions.

Personal Description

I am robust, sweet and soft. I love to party and drink but I don’t smoke. I love to spend good time with my kids and also I love to spend good time with my sugar boys. I am based in United States but currently I am in South Africa. My best color is red, I am kind and honest and also I am very straight forward.


My interest is very simple. My man must be strong and muscular. He must be ready for the fun filled activities he will be embarking on with me. I am willing to explore the world with him and also willing to change his life for good with my money, if he is loyal and honest with me.

Please note: This sugar momma is only for the strong and muscular men. Please understand you are only needed as a sugar boy and not for a serious relationship. if you are interested in travelling round the world with a south African women feel free to shoot your shot at her using the comment section.

Also leave behind your contact details, so that we can contact you if she needs you.

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