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Mary Needs A Sugar Boy – Contact Her She is a Sugar Baby Online

A Sugar Baby Online called Mary is seriously searching for a sugar boy like you. This sugar baby online is from Florida she is in need of you to make her very happy and also give her lasting pleasure. This sugar baby is a student currently schooling at university of Florida, United States. She is studying accounting and hopes to work at one of the biggest banks in Florida. She is from a rich home and her dad is a politician while her mother works as at central Florida regional hospital united states.

If you are interested in meeting up with this sugar baby you need to be a handsome dude as she really has a high taste and needs someone to compliment her beauty. If you currently leave anywhere close to Florida and you are ready to meet up with her, kindly contact her using the comment section as she will be willing to pick the right handsome dude from here.

Mary is In Search Of a Sugar Boy – Contact Her She is a Sugar Baby Online

Background information – sugar baby online

Hey, my name is Mary. I am from Florida United States. I am sugar baby looking for a sugar boy to make my man. I have been single for a while now and I feel this is the right time to hook up with someone. I lost my ex to someone he feels is better than I am. Trust me! I have been good to him for so long but he choose someone else over me. Love seems to be a thing of choice. Loving him has been one of the biggest sacrifices I ever made but he thrashed my love and attention. It hurts a lot. I haven’t been happy for so long now but I just have to move on. Let me tell you a little about my love life.

It all started from my younger days in the hood. I fell in love with this handsome nigga who was always happy around me and always ready to make and keep me happy. I felt love all over me and I could see love in his eyes. All his actions appeared real to me and I never thought someday he would see me like no one. A total stranger!

Few years later I got to the university studying accounting and he was having his internship at volks wagen as an automobile engineering student.  He started seeing a another girl in the hood which he introduced to me as his friend even though I suspected he was having an affair with her but I wasn’t so sure until it became a reality.

Moving down to last year. Both of them started dating and he got her pregnant. Now I am done with him and I am felt with tears and sadness in my heart.

Personal appearance

I am good looking. Soft and tender. Always love to read books and take my schooling serious. I spend most of my time reading books and also working out problems. I also visit the club sometimes with my friends and also the movies. I am a good fan of music and I don’t like missing out on the current love songs. I am jovial, hardworking and a good listener. I love to help people the way I can. I don’t smoke nor drink. I am just a clean girl with a good heart.


I am sugar baby online in need of a sugar boy that I will call mine. I really need to get over my ex and move on with a new young sugar boy who will love me and be with me always. He must be very handsome and ready to be with me at all times. He must be willing to move down to Florida to be with me. He must be smart, strong and fun filled.

If you are interested in meeting her kindly contact her by dropping a good description about yourself and she will be all yours. If you stay around Florida or in Florida this is a better chance to meet with her personally.

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