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Rich Sugar Daddy in Ghana Needs Hot Sugar Baby To Be With Him

We received a mail from bright who is a rich sugar daddy in Ghana and he is urgently in need of a good looking beautiful sugar baby from Ghana or any part of the world. Please note that if you are interested in this sugar daddy and you don’t stay in Ghana currently, you should be willing to travel down to Ghana to meet him ones he provides you with the transport allowance. This sugar daddy is a politician and also a business owner in Ghana and he has the capacity to take good care of you. You only need to satisfy him as he want. Ghana men love girls with big curvy body and this one is not an exception. Please understand also that as a sugar baby you need to understand your place in his life and act accordingly. You don’t need to rush things with him or bug him for whatever reasons. As a sugar baby or runs girl, you need to understand that your job is only to satisfy him at the moment and later on things can keep going higher as you continue doing your job well.

Mail we received from him

Hey my name is bright, I am a Ghanaian working for the government and also running a good business. I stumbled on your website in search of a beautiful Ghanaian girl or lady from any part of the world interested in been with me. I am rich so money is not my problem. Please anyone you are sending should understand that I only need her as a side chick and nothing else. You necessarily don’t need to bug me and my family.

Personal description

I am a tall and good looking. I spend a lot of time taking good care of myself.  I don’t take beer only red wine. Whenever I am less busy, I spend my time either with my family or with my library. i dress smart and love those that dress smart too. I am a honest kind of person which makes me different. I love to speak for the people both the poor and the rich.


I am interested in a good looking beautiful sugar baby which I will be spending the time with whenever I am on vacation. I will be travelling to Canada soon and I won’t be going with my wife so I will like to take my sugar baby along so we can spend time together. Please I need a sugar baby that is understanding and won’t turn out to be a problem for me. Thank you.  Will be expecting your reply.

This sugar daddy in Ghana has shown interest in getting a sugar baby that he will take good care of. If you are interested in him, kindly contact him using the comment section. Leave a proper description about yourself and also do not forget to leave your phone number behind or your facebook profile so he can contact you directly.

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