Lithuania sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy in Lithuania Ready to Pay You $4000 Per Month

We have an oil rich millionaire sugar daddy in Lithuania who is interested in dating single young girls. This sugar daddy is a major dealer in oil and gas in Mexico and also he is involved in other numerous industrial businesses in United States and Spain. This sugar daddy is interested in getting a sugar baby from Lithuania but if he finds one outside Lithuania, he is willing to move her down to his apartment in Lithuania.

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His wife and kids are presently in Germany, so currently anytime he visits Lithuania he is always alone and lonely.

If you are presently in Lithuania, or in any location close to Lithuania or can travel down to Lithuania to meet with him, this is the right choice for you to start a good life.

He is willing to change your life for good, spoil you with money and also improve your financial status for life with his money.

Email Received from this Sugar Daddy in Lithuania

Hey, I am from Lithuania. Please can I get a young beautiful sugar girl from here. I need someone to stay with me in Lithuania when ever I arrive. I have been traveling across different countries for long now, so when ever I arrive Lithuania, I am always bored and lonely because I can’t find any companion here. My family is in Germany.

Personal Description

I am a young 51 years old business man. I pay more attention to my business most times. I am a major stake holder in an oil and gas company in Mexico and I also have industrial businesses in other countries like United States.

I am a very busy man due to the nature of my business. I spend most of my life traveling for meetings and businesses and when ever I am done, I move down to Lithuania. I am a kind and honest person and I love dealing with honest people too.


I am interested in dating any beautiful sugar girl. Someone I will like to see first every morning. If she is available in Lithuania now, I will be very happy to meet with her but if she is not, I can pay for her travel down to Lithuania. I have houses and cars in Lithuania for her and I am willing to pay her $4000 monthly for upkeep.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in him, kindly contact him using the comment section. leave behind an attractive message on the reason why you need him and also make sure, you add your contact details for easy communication.

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