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Antonio A Sugar Daddy In Mexico Needs A Cute Sugar Baby To Love

Single sugar daddy in Mexico needs a sugar baby to love. She must be very cute and romantic in nature. This sugar daddy is single and rich and is ready to spend money on his sugar baby. He has also promised to marry her if she is good enough as a wife. This sugar daddy is a business man in Mexico and own a car servicing company in Mexico. Finding a rich sugar daddy that is single is really a difficult task and this sugar daddy is readily available for any beautiful girl ready to mingle with him. Please to be with him, you must reside anywhere around Mexico or must be ready to travel down to Mexico to be with him immediately he accepts you. Most sugar babies are not ready to travel down to meet with their sugar daddy and this makes it difficult for the sugar daddy to be with them. This is a copy of the mail we received from this sugar daddy living on Mexico..


Hey SMC, my name is Antonio I am 35 years old. I am a business man in Mexico who is into car servicing and repairs. I am single currently after losing my wife to a health issue four years back. I am currently searching for a single woman or sugar baby to be with now. I need to be loved ones more. I have been single for four years now and I think it’s time to move on with a new woman and a new relationship. I have a house and car of my own. I sleep alone at home and always bored because I have no one to talk to or be with. I spend most of my time at the office because my home is boring and lonely. I came across your site on Facebook and I felt this will be the best place to get a good connection to someone I really need to keep me happy.

Antonio A Sugar Daddy In Mexico Needs A Cute Sugar Baby To Love


I am tall and fair in complexion. I am gentle and an attractive person. I love to take good care of myself, skin and health. I do visit the bar and love to watch football and horse race most times. Sometimes I travel down to rural areas to watch cultural and traditional events. Trust me those events are really interesting lol! I do smoke but I do not drink a lot. I am caring and a loving type of person. I eat a little and love sea foods more.


I am in need of a sweet loving sugar baby who will take good care of me. I really need someone to make me feel like a man ones again. i am ready to take good care of her and also marry her if she is good enough. She should be within the age of 25-30 years old. Please if you find one let me know. Any nationality is allowed. Thanks

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