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3 Sugar Mama In Belgium Ready to Pay Her Sugar Boy $5000 Per Month

Sugar Mama in Belgium Is Ready to Pay Her Sugar Boy $5000 per Month – Belgium is a very beautiful country with lots of beautiful and classy women. These women are mostly hardworking with lots of potentials and mostly the owners of some big companies in Belgium. Sugar mama in Belgium are rich and ready to take good care of their sugar boys. They are only interested in loyal and honest sugar boys willing to love them and be with them always. They find it difficult to deal with a cheat or dishonest person.

We have a request from a sugar mama in Belgium seeking for relationship with any handsome and lovely sugar boy willing to love her and always be with her. This sugar mama is rich and works for European Commission in Belgium. This sugar mama has promised to pay her sugar boy the sum of $5000 monthly as allowance for his upkeep and also willing to assist him get a work permit and job in Belgium if he is not from Belgium.

This offer is only open for those interested in dating a sugar mama in Belgium and live in Belgium or are ready to travel down to Belgium to meet with this sugar mama looking for love. Please do not contact her if you aren’t interested to leaving your country to meet with her in Belgium.

This is the mail we got from this sugar mama in Belgium

Hello admin. My name is Alice. I am 55 years old and a Belgian currently working with the European commission. I am in need of a sugar boy within the age of 30-35 years. Must be very handsome, macho like and smart. Lastly he must be willing to take good care of me and shower me with lots of love while I take care of his bills. If you have anyone suitable for me please let me know.

Personal description

Well! I am a quiet type of person with lots of responsibilities to catch up with. I am working very hard to ensure I start up my own company immediately I retire from the European commission.

I am a good looking woman who enjoys good classical and jazz music. I love entertainment a lot so I spend some time at the cinema during the weekend. Sorry I didn’t speak about my kids earlier. I have two kids without a dad. But I am not going to relay the responsibility of a dad on my sugar boy.


I am in need of a loving and energetic sugar boy who must be willing to always keep me happy just like my ex-husband. He must be willing to satisfy me at times and also must be willing to be with me whenever I need him. If you are interested in been with me, kindly leave a feedback using the comment section and properly describe yourself and do not forget to leave behind your call number or facebook profile link. I will be checking this thread regularly to make a choice. Ones I am done this thread will be taken down.





This sugar mama is a beautiful slim and thick sugar mama showing full willingness to have fun with any handsome young man. We recently received her mail where she showed interest in any young man within the ages of 29- 36 years old. She is 40 years old but needs someone younger and handsome.

She is a nurse in Belgium working for a private owned clinic. She is rich and comes from a wealthy family. She is single with a kid and owns her personal house and cars too.

She claims she is only interested in having fun with a sugar boy for now and will love to advance more if she finds him very attractive for her. She is not selective and her sugar boy can come from any country.

If you are interested in her, kindly contact her using the comment section below


Elise Alicia


This sugar mama goes by the name Elise. She is a young Rich sugar mama living her best life in Belgium. She is single and has no kids at the moment. She is the kind of sugar mama any man will love to bring home as a wife because she is kind, caring and peaceful.

This sugar mama works as banker is Belgium. She is the manager in one of the private bank branches. She has other personal businesses she handles and also she owns her own house and cars.

So if you are interested in her, kindly contact her using the comment section below

Thank you!

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