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Sugar Mama the Proud Family – Life in New York

Sugar Mama the Proud Family living in New York – This is a testimony from one of the sugar momma linked to her sugar boy from this community. She recently sent us a mail and was sounding very happy this time. The first time we got a mail from her she was in search of a sugar boy from any part of the world. Luckily we were able to link her to her match from a western country. Johnson was a recent graduate of electrical engineering from one of the best universities in his country. He is a hardworking man with good dreams and eagerness to make it big in life. He needed a lover and also a financial support so he was lucky to have caught the attention of this sugar momma from New York.

Sugar Mama the Proud Family

Message received from her

Hello I am happy writing to you today. I contacted you few months back about my quest for a sugar boy from any part of the world. I came across this young man who represented himself as an electrical engineer. His description caught my attention and I was really interested in meeting with him. We got talking and chatting for a while. He always made me laugh and never want to leave the conversation. I promised to pay for his papers and bring him down to New York. I took the risk and I was really happy he kept to his promise of coming down here. He is currently living with me now and we are happy living together. He is a very smart and honest person filled with so much energy and fun. I never want to set my eyes off him. I am really very happy I met him. All thanks to the organizers of this platform. Thanks a lot.

This is clearly one of the testimonies we get on a daily basis from sugar mommas looking for lovers. We tagged it sugar momma the proud family because she is living her best life now and she is proud of it.

If you are willing to get connected to any of this sugar mommas you just have to represent yourself properly and hope the luck falls upon you.

Please do not pay anyone requesting for money from you as a sugar momma agent as we do not have agents and do not request for money. This connection is absolutely free

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