sugar mummy from cyprus

43 Years Old Sugar Mummy from Cyprus Needs Hot banging

We received a message from a 43 years old Sugar Mummy From Cyprus. This sugar mummy strongly indicated that she is in need of a strong young man that knows how to give when a hot banging. Please this is a very strong interest and if you know you can’t offer this service we advice you check out other sugar mummy interested in sugar boys.

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Also, your service to her isn’t free and for every night you spend with her, you will be paid $1000. So be rest assured of her taking good care of you while you are satisfying her in Cyprus.

sugar mummy from cyprus

Email received from this Sugar Mummy from Cyprus

This is queen from Cyprus. I am interested in having a sugar boy from this community. My sugar boy must be very strong. Like very strong and must understand he is with me to satisfy me.

The service he will be rendering to me isn’t free and i will be paying him for every night he spends with me. Also I will be offering him an apartment here in Cyprus if he doesn’t have one.

Personal Description

I am 43 years old by this month and will be celebrating my birthday here in Cyprus. I love to have fun and only spend quality time with my business. I drink alot but I do not smoke. I spend lots of time and money on my skin, health and looks. I am kind, hardworking and a honest kind of person.


I want to make this clear. I don’t need a weakling. I need a strong young man. He must be ready for this game 😁. I want serious banging and that’s what I will be paying and getting from him. He should be muscular and ready for the job. Be kind, honest and intelligent is also an added advantage too. If you find anyone please let me know.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in her, kindly contact her using the comment section. leave behind an attractive message on the reason why you need her and also make sure, you add your contact details for easy communication.

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