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Sugar Mummy in Lagos Ready to Pay You 500,000 Naira per Night to Be With Her

Florence, a Sugar Mummy in Lagos Needs A sugar Boy – A sugar mummy living in Dubai needs a handsome sugar boy to be with her when she arrives Lagos soon. This sugar mummy is currently living in Dubai. She is on a business trip in Dubai and will be returning back to Lagos soon. This sugar mummy in Lagos is a business woman dealing on mostly fashion wears and has a big store at ShopRite ikeja and also in Lagos island market Nigeria. She is from Ondo state and has a lot of money to take good care of herself and her sugar boy. If you have been searching for a sugar mummy in Lagos then she is possibly the right choice for you as so many men must be after her as she claims but she is only interested in a young sugar boy with lots of energy and willing to satisfy her at all times. She claims this sugar boy must be young and energetic and must be handsome and lively. She doesn’t need someone that can’t make her happy at all times.  If you are interested in her please use the comment section to give a good description about yourself and she will contact you.

When asked about herself and what she needs from her sugar boy this is what she has to say

Background info

Hey my name is Florence, I am from ondo state and live in Lagos. I am currently in Dubai now and will be returning soon. I need a sugar boy who is very handsome to be with me when I return back to Lagos. This sugar boy must be strong and energetic. He must lively and always ready to satisfy but please if you are not handsome, you don’t need to contact me. I am a business women and I deal mostly on fashion wears. I have shops in Dubai, ShopRite ikeja mall, and also in Lagos mainland market. I am a successful business woman. I am single with no kid and I am not ready to have one yet. I just want to continue having fun for now.

Personal description of this sugar mummy in Lagos

I am a beautiful and attractive woman. I love dancing and singing as well. I spend a lot of time on my business. I don’t really watch movies that much but I spend some time watching them. I love eating sea foods and also love taking nice drinks and wines. I am an honest person and I do not like dishonest people. If you want me to like you, you have to be honest and truthful to me no matter the situation and consequence.

Another good aspect of my life is my travelling lifestyle. I love travelling to places and also I love been happy and learning other peoples lifestyle and culture. I have been to countries like Germany, Dubai, Australia, France and Canada and I really enjoyed myself over there.

About handling my staffs in my company, I am a very good person when it comes to handling people. I threat and take good care of all my staffs. I see them as my brothers and sisters. They love me too and I can see how they put so much interest and energy in helping me improve my business.


I need a sugar boy not a husband. I just need a handsome and strong loving sugar boy to be with me whenever I need him. Sometimes I am always bored and in search of who to be with. He will always be with me whenever I need him. I am also ready to take him along with me whenever I am travelling to other countries for business or vacation. He must be a smart boy and also graduate. If he is jobless and interested in starting up a business, I can help him out with finance. i will be paying him the sum of 500,000 Naira for every night he spends with me.



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