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Sugar Mummy WhatsApp Group for Hot ladies – Join Now For Free Chat with Sugar Mummies

We created a whatsapp group where will added all sugar mummies. We created this because of some persons demanding for Abuja sugar mummy whatsApp group. We felt this will be the best way to get everyone linked together but we will strive hard to prevent abuse of this opportunity.

Abuja sugar mummy whatsapp group

We have lots of sugar mummy websites demanding money for sugar mummy link ups and connections but here on sugar mum connect, we do not seek a dime from our members. This is because we belive sugar mummy connections are meant to be free and this sole aim of establishing this network is to ensure all single and searching persons find the right one.

Our sugar mummy whatsapp group is free to join and you can join now if you are interested.

Are you interested in joining our sugar mummy whatsapp group? Initially, we published the link to various groups and it was abused in less than an hour so we had to remove it and seek a better means of accepting members to the group.

Now for you to be part of this group you need to meet up with the following requirements which is very important.


  1. Our first requirement pertains to our age restriction. Please you have to be above 19 years of age for you to be part of this group. We have series of crazy contents circulating down there and only should be seen by matured minds.
  2. The second requirement pertains to your behavior. You have to be respectful to yourself and other members of the group. Failure to do this will warrant you been removed from the group immediately.
  3. The third has to do with member’s distribution of group link and unauthoritative adding of members to the group. Please note that only admins are allowed to add members to this group and members are expected to seek approval from the admins before adding anyone. This is to enable us curtail the kind of people been added to the group.
  4. Please members are expected to use their real pictures on whatsapp to enable us identify the members. The sugar mummies are waiting and won’t like to see members using cartooned images as profile pictures. Using your picture, you stand a better chance of been attracted to a sugar mummy available online.
  5. Please be aware that we do not tolerate distribution of phone numbers of sugar mummies found in the group. Any member caught doing so will be banned indefinitely from the group. Sugar momma numbers found in the group should be kept private and any discussion done on the group should be kept private as well
  6. You are not allowed to publicly demand for money or use abusive languages on the sugar mummies available online.
  7. Feel free to share this post to your social media profiles such as Facebook, twitter etc.

List of sugar Mummy whatsapp group links

Here are the list of available sugar mummy whatsapp groups:

SUGAR MUMMIES >>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/GJhkaemQZF4FTXZ7BoyqIb

SUGAR MUMMY CLUB >>>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/KOVRqHOgV8E64TzDMQP6FR

ABUJA SUGAR MUMMIES >>>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/45pI6vnGtFn6dXURNRMSvO

HOT SUGAR MUMMIES >>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/09eKVH0kTKT57GdQQzzpUv

SINGAPORE SUGAR MUMMIES >> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/1fb6x6t8JBIBh350j8V0Zm

HOT SUGAR MAMA >>> https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/GGkAnsAlOmtHa7x8693mts

Those that abide by the rules will be added. Please comment with your phone numbers for immediate adding. Please do not abusive this golden opportunity.

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