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Sugar Mummy willing to Pay her Sugar Boy $5000 Monthly Needs A Lasting Relationship

A sugar mummy residing in UK claims she was left be her ex-lover due to her illness. She fell terribly ill sometime in the past and this forced her ex-lover into abandoning her for someone else. Grace found her after she was operated and later regain herself fully. She said she usually see her ex with another woman and this have never bothered her because she felt they were never meant to be.

General information:

Hey my name is Beverly, I am from a very poor home and I lost my parents when I was younger. Since then I have always believed I will need to work harder to be richer than my parents and also live a comfortable life.  I felt sick some time ago and this made my ex leave me for another woman. It was a bitter situation for me but I managed to get away with it after several sleepless night filled with tears. I own a digital marketing firm in UK and also a YouTube blogger. I came across your website through YouTube and I very happy with what you are doing here. Please keep the good work up.

Sugar Mummy willing to Pay her Sugar Boy $5000 Monthly Needs A Lasting Relationship

Personal description in her words:

I am a hardworking lady with lots of good potentials. I love to keep everything I do simple and understandable. I don’t like lies and I am a honest kind of person. I love to drink wine a little and also love to party a lot. My best dress code is red and black and always love looking official and modest. I love meeting new people, travelling and also having important conversations with highly impacting people.


I am interested in a boy that can as well be a husband in future if we ride well. I am interested in someone who will fill the space left by my ex in my heart. He must be loyal, energetic and lovely. If you find one please let me know. Thanks…xx

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